Jeff Marvan has been practicing law in the State of California since 1999. After graduating from UC Davis, King Hall School of Law, he began his legal career as a public defender in Northern California. As a public defender, Jeff was in court everyday, arguing on behalf of his clients. He engaged in dozens of jury trials and hundreds of contested hearings. Jeff proved himself to be both a fearless advocate and a compassionate counselor.

Through his experience as a public defender, Jeff developed a deep understanding of the California judicial system. He is at home in the courtroom and conveys a steady confidence and sincere demeanor to both judges and juries. Jeff’s experience in the adversarial court system is a valuable asset if and when cases become litigious.

Over the past three years, Jeff has continued to practice private criminal defense, but has also expanded his legal expertise to estate planning, trust/probate administration, trust/probate litigation, and conservatorship law. Jeff has proven himself to be a highly skilled estate planning attorney. His approach is patient, empathetic, and detail oriented, and he has helped his clients plan for an economically advantageous estate.

Jeff also has extensive experience helping clients navigate the complexities of being an administrator/trustee of a friend or family member’s estate. Clients have consistently commented on Jeff’s compassion and support during these emotionally trying times.

Jeff’s experience as a criminal defense litigator translates quite well into the probate/trust litigation sector. He has proven to be both an effective negotiator and, when necessary, a ferocious litigator to secure his clients’ interests.

Jeff is an active member of the State Bar of California, Los Angeles County Bar Association, Beverly Hills Bar Association, California Public Defenders Association, and LACBA Barristers Domestic Violence Project.

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