Post Death Litigation

In this day and age there are more and more disputes about the affairs of people who have died. Typically, these disputes include, but are not limited to, issues regarding the testamentary capacity of the decedent, undue influence of the decedent by family, friends, or third parties, improper conduct by the nominated trustee, unlawful taking of estate or trust assets, and improper allocation of assets between various subtrusts. These disputes may involve Trusts, Last Wills and Testaments, joint tenancies, and payable on death accounts.

MarvanLaw, A.P.C. are skilled, empathetic, and passionate litigators. MarvanLaw, A.P.C. handles all elements of post death litigation. Based upon our years of study and decades of experience we are able to properly identify the issues at hand and develop a forward thinking, comprehensive strategy that achieves the best results for our clients. As seasoned litigators, we are zealous advocates of our clients’ needs. We know and use all available avenues within the law and procure success for our clients. MarvanLaw, A.P.C. knows the California Probate Code, California Rules of Court, and the Code of Civil Procedure and leverages that knowledge to win each battle for our clients.

In litigation, experience is crucial, but so is hard work. MarvanLaw, A.P.C. prides itself on outworking the opposition. No firm will be more prepared than MarvanLaw, A.P.C. at depositions, court hearings, trials, or mediations. This preparation breeds confidence and determines results.

As litigators, MarvanLaw, A.P.C. has established itself as forthright, trustworthy, fierce advocates. The court, opposing counsel, and our prior clients know that MarvanLaw, A.P.C. does not play games. MarvanLaw, A.P.C. knows that integrity is paramount and leads to success. When you have MarvanLaw, A.P.C. on your side in litigation you have fierce, ethical, tireless counsel always fighting for proper resolution.

MarvanLaw, A.P.C. takes post death litigation seriously. We like to win. With that said, through our years of experience, we help you determine the value of you case and whether it is worth the economic and emotional cost of litigation. We will always be honest with you regarding the progress of your matter. Our goal is to achieve maximum benefit at a reasonable cost.

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